BILDERGERG CLAN: Attorney Alfonso Luigi Marra’s new charges and denouncement n. 064740 of 11 june 2014, against the Bildergerg clan, Renzi, Monti and Letta etc., since Public Prosecutor Marcello Monteleone closed the case, archived the denouncement of 1.2.2013 writing that, in his opinion, these were only “mere suspicions”. Marra’s communication to the Chief Prosecutor of Rome, Dr. Giuseppe Pignatone is as follows: bilder-justice is madness: we need to be cured of it.


To the Public Prosecutor of Rome
Dr Giuseppe Pignatone.

New charges / denouncement n. 064740, filed on 11.6.2014, with the Prosecutor of Rome, by Alfonso Luigi Marra, amended with new facts (due to the absurd closing of the case, archiving of the denouncement of 1.2.2013 by the chief prosecutor, Marcello Monteleone claiming that “it was a case of mere suspicions”), against the Bildergerg clan, as well as Mr. Matteo Renzi (11.1.1975) a de facto member of the Bildergerg clan,Mario Monti (19.12.43) and Enrico Letta (20.8.66), formal members of the Bildergerg clan, and others, also in relation to criminal conduct related to their appointments as Presidents of the Council.


The closing of my case is absurd, my charges against the criminal clan of Bildergerg of1.2.2013 by the Deputy Public Prosecutor Dr. Marcello Monteleone, prosecutor of Rome, according to which “having read the charges/denouncement, it is apparent that it has no criminal validity since it is mere suspicion and there is nothing in it to warrant criminal investigations.”

Given that (and the rest tacit) the law does not set a statute of limitations within which “suspicions”should be investigated, even if they are only suspicions, while instead these are in fact extremely serious and substantial charges given the countless circumstances that endorse them, or just make them suspect. However, the opening of a new investigation is demanded, especially in view of the extraordinary social significance hitherto reported.

Furthermore, qualifying the denounced facts as “mere suspicions” due to their excessively arbitrary nature, configures as a serious gesture of contempt towards the hundreds of millions of people who assert the same charges and the suffering that the whole world must endure because of them.

“Mere suspicions” are actually well-known facts, and by well-known fact we mean: facts known to all without the need for further demonstration.

Denouncement of 1.2.2013 spontaneously translated on tens of thousands of information and news sites around the world, including sites that have millions of views, such as the Alex Jones’ site. In none of these sites did I read that this information was not shared.

We can safely say that the assertions against Bildergerg’s criminal activities are not fantasy, but denials, such as those implied with the phrase “mere suspicion.”

And, given that on the internet there is an infinite number of webpages where the Judicial system can find the truth, that of Bildergerg’s crimes, here, as an example, are a few statements taken from an investigation and questioning that took place on 22.6.2011 with Senator Elio Lannuti, as well as some other information that was reported at the end of the document solely for the sake of completeness.

Lannuti writes: “…Instead we learn from another article by Liquida published June 15: “In an interview conducted by WeAreChange with a major Swiss banker on May 30 2011, the deeply rooted relationships among high-level managers of Swiss banks and the Bildergerg club were revealed. It is now clear that Bildergerg uses Swiss banks for money laundering activities, funding to overthrow governments, for murderers and to bankrupt nations”; on other websites, we could read the interview about: “in particular, the banker reported to have been involved in the direct payment in cash to a person who killed the president of a foreign country. A number of foreign secret services, mostly English speaking, gave orders to fund illegal actions, including the assassination of people who did not follow the orders of Bildergerg or the IMF or the World Bank, through Swiss banks.”

A situation where the appalling criminal element is so obvious and well known that one would think that the barrier that the Judicial system might encounter is considerable – as we read everywhere in the international press – that these criminals are “too big to jail”, but this is apparently not shared.

I would add another barrier to the existing one: the one in which there are also “too many to jail”, because they are either foot soldiers or members of the Bildergerg, all holding top positions in national and international politics, government, media, central banks and more, and, in one way or another, all men in key roles in law, the police, military, etc.. And often, if they are not members of the Bildergerg, they are Freemasons or Masons, paedophiles or Satanists (we will discuss below why there must be Satanists and paedophiles at the top).

Deviants who are members of the Bildergerg or involved in Freemasonry, in many ways are the same thing, because the Bildergerg is nothing more than the crème de la crème (sic!) of deviated Freemasonry, where it springs from (which are both Masons and Bildergerg members, de facto or by ‘right’ and include Monti, Letta, Obama, Renzi, Draghi and so on in a list that would fill several pages, and that the Justice system can also easily find on the Internet and cannot continue to ignore).

In this situation, those who command are the very large banks and the dynasties that have control of them, but, as for the followers, there is a real flow of people who are already somehow involved or would do anything to be part of it.

Bildergerg members ‘by right’ (cardholders, members, those who work on the inside, etc.) who must be added to those the criminal ‘club’ decides to hide, but are de facto members. Lannuti writes in another of his interrogations from 10.06.2011, other sections following: “… Many members are not permitted to appear to be such at all, not even in internal documents…”

In fact those who, in theory, although not involved in initiation rituals or similar things, although not being registered members of the clan, but whose lives are involved with those of clansters, take part in the same business, crimes and rituals must, legally speaking, be considered to be clan members as well.

These things certainly do not have to be explained to our Judicial system, which sometimes pushes the interpretation of “aiding and abetting” to the point of creating confusion between aiding and abetting in conspiracy, which is a crime, and general association with the offender in other common expressions of life, which in itself does not have legal relevance.

According to these principles – given that the lion’s share of the Heads of State are members of Bildergerg and/or the Trilateral and/or the Aspen clubs and/or are deviant Freemasons – it must be assumed, by analogy, that they are also those who live with their forms of complicity that, if we were talking about the Mafia, would include “aiding and abetting”.

In this framework, paedophilia, or human sacrifices, often involving minors (Satanism is only a pretext and/orthe ritual context in which they are celebrated), are a necessary frightening precondition.

It is a frightening precondition because it is obvious that, before being able to allow anybody access to the holy of holies of the relevant occult planetary ‘criminal’ business of the Bildergerg and other similar clans, they all need to be sure that no one can turn back.

Consequently, is that it is necessary (and indeed also known) that they all compromise themselves, becoming vulnerable to blackmail, doing things that, if admitted, would lead them to definite moral and material ruin, such as the rape or the murder of minors.

This planet wide network, regardless of whether it is “too big” or has “too many” tentacles, is something I implore the Judicial system to eliminate with a bold and extremely swift legal initiative which, through a large pool of experts, with 500-600 arrests across Europe, would free mankind from this deadly oligarchy that is going to suffocate it.

Depraved and yearning to satisfy their instigators, they have distorted the legal system and inverted codes, and now all they speak of is amending the Constitution while being expert in nothing but vulgar and uneducated pseudo-legal jargon.

Monti has distinguished himself in this field, which, completed by Letta, and Renzi “opportunely” stays silent. However, he will have to see what else he will have to do – alas! – to save the Justice system. Yes, but according to the dictates of his masters from the Bildergerg group, the deviated freemasonry and others.

Monti has mutilated the civil process, and as much as possible hindered access to the Justice system with ridiculous costs and absurd inefficiencies in order to facilitate misconduct, gross and minor. Everyones, from the telephone companies to those of the banks, insurance companies, Equitalia, and the entire bureaucratic apparatus.

Monti actually abolished the Pinto law in order to cause further dragging out of legal proceedings and thus taking away every opportunity for society to defend itself. These trials could easily be expedited, but they strive to slow them down because the monster that is fraud and corruption, is nourished by their horrid breasts, and it would die if trials lasted a week, or even a year.

Male and female prostitutes, pigs, mangey dogs, scammers, beggars, and worse than even the delusional mass murderers who lead the banking dynasties, making them dance under their wand. Liars, braggarts, counterfeiters and mystifiers of statistics, projections, percentages, who only use information as a tool to circumvent democracy through training strategies of mass thought. They promote products destined to cause disease worldwide. They stay quiet about the trafficking of pathogens spread to help sell certain pharmaceuticals. They organize things so that the banks crush the laws and the people under their feet. They pretend not to know, so as not to disturb the food multinationals, that the right to know what we eat exists, and also that the law on the labelling of agricultural and fish products in retail would make Italy rich, because Italian products are the best on the planet. They hide scientific discoveries because they would change the status quo in the mud where they live and root. They deny the plaguing of the skies with chemtrails. They strive to make climate change pass for a problem in the coming decades or centuries. They allow for the use and abuse of hydrogenated fats, bisulphites and any other type of toxin that erodes the health of the public day by day. They force students to wear themselves down, without learning anything, using books that are often inadequate, at times indecent, for the sole purposes of allowing editors and professors to sell them, rather than set up a contest to establish the best textbooks each year and make them mandatory. They are deaf to the need to ensure that the decisions of the Constitutional Court reach ad horas, thus preventing the proliferation of illegitimate laws. They are eclipsed when faced with the proposal to repeal the laws that give money to the banks. They disappear if you tell them that the real problem in the European Union is that the members of Parliament do not have the power to take legislative initiative and the Parliament does not have the power to enact laws, because it is a fake Parliament, which only serves as an alibi for the Commission and the Council, who are the true legislators of the EU and are in the pay of the Bildergerg. They never speak of the law on packaging, lying in the drawers of the European Parliament since 1994, for the replacement of polystyrene with a ‘foam’ made from cereals, also banning the use of plastic, starting with bottles, and optimizing water networks to increase the use of tap water. They don’t dream of stopping harmful production that is unnecessary, because otherwise employment is guaranteed by producing unnecessary pollution. They flee from the argument that nationalization through criminal confiscation of private shares of the Bank of Italy and the ECB is the only way to save the economy, because by doing so the EU Member States could create at no cost and without causing any devaluation, all the Euros needed for a huge industrial redevelopment consistent enough to begin creating the equally immense process of the restoration and clean-up of land, our waters and skies, starting with the cities, using clean energy that can be produced on a large scale over time. But they oppose this in favor of oil and nuclear power stations etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

These pigs and sows, in order to achieve such noble purposes do not hesitate to become accomplices in common crimes such as murder, massacre, revolutions induced coups, conspiracies of all kinds, terrorism at all levels, wars, exterminations..

500, 600 arrests that are absolutely essential otherwise the judicial system will continue to cause same the terrible thing for which it has been responsible for years: that is, implicitly attributing, with its lack of censorship, the legitimacy of the crimes committed by these animals and thus transforming them from violations of the Criminal Code into political issues that they use to distract, stifle and suffocate the community.

For these proceedings I will start a civil lawsuit in my own name and as secretary of the PAS-FLB&T, because it involves crimes that affect everyone as both individuals and citizens.

But, returning to the facts, first of all, it is not what these villains say in their meetings, or gala events, which these days may be more of a red herring, because they likely have concentrated their activities in recent years in these events – but what is more important are the secret and illegal actions carried out during the rest of the year in fields that remain known only to them, for as long as no adequate investigation is carried out by the judicial system.

This Bildergerg clan, as I already wrote in a previous denouncement, according to the Hon. Ferdinando Imposimato, according to the trial documents turns out to be an “occult world government seeking to destabilize democracies also through carnage.”

It is difficult to understand how such trial documents can be legally assignable to the category of “mere suspicions,” and that in any case are only one of many elements that the judicial system can and should easily acquire as evidence.

Moreover, if, the unlawfulness of their occult nature is in re ipsa (meaning it is unlawful unto itself) as I wrote in my previous denouncement, provided below in full, then, in conclusion with the integrations mentioned in the introduction, then the crimes are unquestionably so for the simple fact that they are committed almost openly.

They are committed almost as openly as they are with impunity because the part of the judicial system that is not conspiring or is culturally or materially corrupt has been psychologically bent to a vision of the members of the Bildergerg as legibus solutes, (not bound by the law) since they are an expression of a power so vast, so overwhelming, so undeniable, that the judicial system, like everyone else, has never done anything but give in to it and prostrate themselves before it.

In this framework however, because eventually this type of concession is still an expression of a do ut des (to give in change for receiving) which is finite, because for a number of reasons we have reached the “death bellows” of the regime – people are about to open their eyes, and all that will remain is to ascertain the quality and quantity of the heterogeneous criminal responsibility of each person.

Because the Bildergerg group is made up of people who represent the great dynasties like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, who in one way or another are the owners of a thousand banks; pimps who act as perpetrators, such as Renzi, Monti, Letta, Draghi or Obama; foolish even pernicious ‘manpower’, such as the Grubers, Maggionis or Riottas; insidious types with devious ‘do good’ chameleonic traits, like the Boninos; and so on.

But now we come to the transcript of the previous denouncement I wrote on 1.2.2013:


“The Bildergerg reacted to now having been unmasked in millions of web pages ‘self-publishing’ in 2009 in a ‘forum’ that was so transparent that everything was illustrated (except of course the crimes).

These pages included members, times and places of meetings (now ‘conferences’), that have actually been known about for years, not because they were explained, but because they were doggedly revealed by the ‘hounds’ of anti-international conspiracy, including the well-deserving Daniel Estulin.

Such ‘do gooding’ has made certain that the next ‘conference’ will open its doors to the world and be inspired by the purest ideals of goodness, beauty, justice and usefulness, given that there is nothing to stop these now unmasked enemies of humanity from continuing their conspiracies elsewhere, conspiracies that have been souring our destinies since 1954.

This ‘secrecy’ has lasted more than 50 years because it is the fruit of broad scale institutional, media, political and judicial collusion.

So much so that many sources actually describe the Bildergerg as a product of hidden globalist yearnings born out of such environments as NATO in secret criminal association with the top banking powers.

However, this was a useless gimmick, trying to save themselves by publishing this material, because the crimes live in the words themselves, such as the singular ‘forum’.

On the one hand, Article 1 of Law no. 17/25.2.1982 (called the ” Anselmi law”, we don’t know whether it is tragicomically or symbolically, because Anselmi was also a member of the Bildergerg) provides that: “Associations that are considered secret, such as those prohibited by Article 18 of the Constitution, are those which, also within transparent associations, hide their existence or jointly have secret goals and social activities or seek to conceal, in whole or in part and also mutually, partners, engage in activities aimed at interfering with the functioning of constitutional bodies, public administrations, also independently, or public institutions, including economic ones, as well as essential national public services.”

On the other hand, on the homepage of the Bildergerg ‘forum’ – again tragicomically – we read: “..Briefly, the Bildergerg is a small, flexible, informal and non-registered forum where different points of view may be expressed and mutual understanding may be developed. The Bildergerg’s only activity is its annual Conference. At these meetings, there is no voting and no statutes governing behaviour are issued. Since 1954, 59 conferences have been held. For each meeting, the names of the participants as listed in the agenda are made public and can be found in the press.”

Words that are lies, because their horrid activities consist of much more than meeting annually. However these words imply in themselves the illegal nature of the Bildergerg, because the composition of the contexts of the people that mingle at the ‘conferences’ without documentation in itself constitutes the secret association prohibited by the Anselmi law.

This is the configuration because this is – just as forbidden – a mix of public men who are not free to attend non-private meetings without protocol, without documentation, in secret, with the owners of the world’s highest concentrations of private interests.

A surreal, incredible, illegal mixture of Heads of State, Kings, Queens, Ministers, Presidents of Parliaments (like Barroso), European Commissioners, locked in secret places with bankers like David Rockefeller, or others at the highest levels of the ECB, the FED or the Bank of Italy, with the leaders of the top multinational companies, with journalists from major newspapers, and in short, with men who are germane to everything that happens in the world.

These are men who – just like Monti after the ‘conference’ in St. Moritz on 9-12 of June, 2011 – come out of the muffled alcoves of the secret insemination rituals of Bildergerg impregnation, are kidnapped by Messianic breaths and shifted up to the Olympus of all forms of power, like Clinton, Obama (whose government representatives participate in the ‘conference’), Trichet, Ignazio Visco, Romano Prodi, Tony Blair, Mario Draghi, Franco Barnabé, Giulio Tremonti, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Alessandro Profumo, Emma Bonino, Gianni Riotta, Ben Bernanke, Corrado Passera, Walter Veltroni, Sergio Romano, Carlo Rossella, Claudio Martelli and many others.

Politicians, Kings, Queens, Princes, like Sofia of Greece, Bernhard of the Netherlands, Beatrix of the Netherlands, Charles of England, Juan Carlos of Spain, grotesquely mixed in a common delusion of omnipotence with the sharks of industry, trade and global finance, such as Edmond de Rothschild, or our own Giovanni Agnelli, Umberto Agnelli, John Elkan, with representatives of Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, British Petroleum, Shell, Exxon, Pan Am, Mobil, Texas Instruments, ENI, Toyota , Mitsubishi, Philips, Dunlop, and HP.

A singular, illegal brotherhood of people who – forget the lessons of history, though full of cases of ‘timeless’ powers being overthrown up to the moment before being swept away – considers itself to be above the law, because of being so numerous, powerful, so well connected with regimes of relationships that, from year to year, become increasingly more consolidated in the ‘Salons’ of the world and in every other place and occasion that the circumstances require.

These men should be considered, among other things, the architects of the crime of crimes: primaryand secondary seigniorage.

These men whose “points of view” – those who at the 59 conferences have “intensified their mutual understanding” – have actually determined global policies over these 59 years, choices regarding atomic energy and the military, choices that have ruined us, which wars to start and which to quell, which governments to support and which ones to bring down, which economies to crush or which to nourish, which dictators to kill or which to support, which ethnic groups, nations, peoples, to exterminate or oppress economically or which to foster, which forms of pollution to permit and which to graduate, and whatever else has made our daily lives dramatic.

All this madness is made possible by a lack of attention on the part of the Judicial system, a situation that should perhaps be remedied now, by investigating those judges who themselves are part of or in some way connected to the Bildergerg or organizations controlled by it or close to it.

These behaviours, those of the Bildergerg, its members and those who support them, which constitute the obvious, blatant violation, of keeping silent, of the articles of the Criminal Code: -No. 241 (attack on the integrity, independence or the unity of the State); -No. 283 (attack on the Constitution of the State); -No. 648 bis (money laundering); -No. 501 (fraudulent manipulation of prices on the public market or the commercial stock exchanges); -No. 501 a (speculative manoeuvring of goods); -No. 416 (criminal conspiracy).”


As for the new elements – having found that the vast majority of Heads of State and the most important representatives in politics, business, economics and information come from the Bildergerg – we can only attribute its ‘dazzling success’ to them, except that the judicial system does not want to believe that membership in the Bildergerg can transform anyone into a demigod capable of achieving any sort of goal for themselves and in record times.

Monti, for example, when the Bildergerg stopped blowing his sails, turned out to be so weak that there was no doubt (and this is well known) that it was the Bildergerg that decided his appointment, and then set in motion national and international media, politics, bureaucracy and finance to achieve it.

And the same is true for Letta, who I have defined elsewhere as “a man held up by his clothes ‘, or for Renzi, of whom the Hon. Mario Borghezio, already in July of 2013, said: “Renzi? Are you ready for the mafia-Bildergerg. Next year at the Bildergerg there will be Matteo Renzi. They’ll do what they did with Enrico Letta, a mushroom that popped up suddenly, with little popular support, few votes, who then became President of the Council of Ministers. The same thing will happen for the mayor of Florence. They make them rise. It happened first to Bill Clinton.”

Except with Renzi, they preferred to conceal his membership, because Renzi is both a de facto Bildergerg member, son of a Freemason, and himself a secret Freemason (apparently – poor Italy – 33rd degree, but with the ‘investiture with the sword’, without having to take the usual ‘career’ path).

Notwithstanding that, it is really disheartening to be forced by the Justice system to make so much effort to prove things that everyone already knows and that can easily be found everywhere.

Is it not obvious that if Bildergerg member Lilly Gruber is permitted by RAI3 to conduct an importanttelecast, it also means that the Bildergerg controls RAI3?

And if the other networks are silent on the fact that RAI3 is controlled by the Bildergerg, does it not also mean that they too are controlled by the Bildergerg?

And if the Bildergerg member Monica Maggioni is allowed to be President of Rai News 24, does this not further endorse the fact that all of the RAI is controlled by the Bildergerg?

And is this or is it not “suspicious” enough for the Justice system to open investigations, the fact that Il Giornale of1.10.2012, writes that on 21.9.2012, Senator Massimo Garavaglia stated at a conference, a video of which is on the Internet, that the ECB inspectors said at the Senate Budget Committee, of which Garavaglia was Vice-chairman: “If you do not support the Monti government, we will not buy your stocks for two months and you will go bankrupt” and that, tracing the course that led to the appointment of the current executive, Garavaglia explains: “Monti was made senator for life on November 9, 2011. On the 10th we were in the Budget Committee to conclude the budget, and that day the inspectors of the ECB and Brussels came to question us because we were under investigation,” and at the end, the Commissioners from Brussels asked the Commission, “But will you support the Monti government?” Garavaglia, “incredulous and appalled” answered, “..but, we shall see, there is already a government, if it falls we will see who will be appointed and will decide,” and the Commissioners reiterated, “No, no, no, there will be the Monti government. Will you support him?”

And is it not enough for the Justice system to have enough suspicions to open investigations on the possible crime that the decision to elect Monti to the Presidency of the Council was taken at the Bildergerg meeting of 9-12 June 2011, in Saint Moritz, that during which the Hon. Mario Borghezio was hit for trying to enter? Was it not enough that at that meeting, along with Monti and Draghi and also Trichet, who had alternated at the helm of the ECB, and all three members of the board of the Bildergerg as well as Josef Ackermann, Chairman of Deutsche Bank, and Peter Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs, who had ‘opportunely’ caused the unexplained and sudden sales of almost all Italian government bonds, were all present?

And, if these elements seem too vague, should it not be enough to corroborate what Timothy Geithner writes in his book Stress Test, Geithner who was at the time Minister of the Treasury and, as usual, a high ranking Bildergerg member, who has decided to talk, who knows why, perhaps because he is more ‘enlightened’ than others or for other reasons, writes openly that at the G20 of 2011 “At a certain point that autumn (2011), some European officials contacted us with a scheme to try to force the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to give up power; they wanted us to refuse to support IMF loans to Italy, until he was gone.”

Naturally, the power was handed over to Monti, as imposed by Brussels. According to Geithner, this operation was performed by artificially inflating the spread that Monti would then be so good at reducing.. meanwhile Draghi, again at the G20 promised “the use of overwhelming force.”

Geithner added that he had told Obama that “they could not get involved in a plot like that,” but that “the European officials’ were able to achieve their ends just the same by replacing Berlusconi with Monti in a fewweeks, who they defined as “an economist who projected technocratic competence.”

These operations were performed by various agents who practically all have in common one thing: a very important thing, but even Geithner unfortunately neglects to say it, which is, beginning with him and Obama, all those involved in the conspiracy were all formal or de facto members of he Bildergerg, including representatives of the G20, the key men in Congress or the Government of the United States, the ECB, the Bank of Italy, and of all the major banks or companies in the world.

A very well bonded, Luciferin brotherhood of individuals, wherever they are or whatever their country of origin may be, whatever role they play in office, they answered to a single master: a single master who was the Bildergerg for the simple fact that they owed the Bildergerg for what they were and for the possibility of continuing to be that.

And so the Bildergerg, at the meeting of 2012, decided to replace Monti with Letta as President of the Council of Ministers.

A similar thing happened in Greece, where they used the same system to cause a market crash and put a Bildergerg member in as president: Lucas Papademos, Vice President of the ECB, and like Monti and Trichet, also a member of the Trilateral.

Because the highest offices in all fields are now basically open only to members of the Bildergerg, the organization that manages every time – from behind the scenes, secretly – to beat democracy and politics anywhere and to have its members appointed, something that, in itself, implies all the crimes here described.

Not to mention – if you will pardon the digression – that we do not know at the outcome by what singular analysis the Bildergerg was able to choose subjects like Monti, Letta and Renzi, because the truth is that the ‘choices’ and ‘projects’ of this ‘club’ are now primarily the result of a serious cultural sclerosis, so that it must be stopped because letting these criminally insane types continue to so heavily affect humanity’s fate constitutes an enormous danger.

The spirit of the Bildergerg is described in broadly equivalent terms in excerpts from the two interrogations by Lannuti, the first already mentioned, and the second, of 10.06.2011, which reads:

“… The Bildergerg operates in absolute secrecy, and for 50 years no one knew it even existed. Only recently has it opened a website very short on information that in fact says very little. Its purpose is not made known. In the curriculum vitae its members do not post their membership. When the club meets in plenary, reporters are not allowed near the meeting…”

As reported by envoy Charlie Skelton, the former secretary of NATO, Willy Claes, Bildergerg member in the ’90s, “each participant receives a document and it is believed that members use it to determine the policies in their respective areas of influence…”

James Tucker maintains that at the meeting there was a strong divide between the American faction in favour of the war in Iran and the European faction, which was however opposed to the military solution

From the article published in… “La Voce delle voci” from July 5, 2010, we learn that the Bildergerg group played a crucial role in ‘warning’ disasters, like that of Smolensk, and the planning of media events designed to divert the attention of the world’s public opinion

… Among other Italians … there were the inevitable Romano Prodi, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa … John Elkan… Mario Draghi …

… In May … one of the ‘fathers’ of the Bildergerg, Zbigniew Brzezinski, warned the partners of the dangers of the “global political awakening,” a true obstacle for the proponents of world government…

… The historian Daniel Estulin was even more explicit: “The idea behind each of these Bildergerg meetings is to create what they themselves call ‘The aristocracy of purpose’ on the best way to manage the planet among the elite of Europe and North America.” In other words, “the creation of a network of huge cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life for the rest of mankind, obviously from their vantage point, for the good of us all, the lower class or “The Great Unwashed” as they define us…

… Realizing that, in the opinion of the author, the participation of Mario Draghi at the top of Bildergerg, who often decides on the destabilization of monetary and financial order, is incompatible with the office of governor of the Bank of Italy…”,

These issues have been supplemented by what is written in another investigation of 10.01.2014 by the Hon. Sergio Berlato (European People’s Party) who more simply writes:

“…Several investigations by journalists, mostly communicated over the Internet, have brought to light the very close relationship between the annual meetings of the Bildergerg club and some important decisions taken by the European Union, with particular reference to the European stability mechanism (ESM)…”


I therefore again urge the Prosecutor’s Office to begin a widespread info-investigation to verify:

The compliance or non-compliance with the laws of the Bildergerg club, the trilateral, the Group of 30, and other similar organizations, and their leaders and members, overt or covert, both in relation to what has been described as well as what has taken place in general, and in the last few years, both in the ‘conference’, in the work of each of them, in the course of the year and in the various ‘theatres’. This is with particular referenceto the legality of their conduct, as well as that of others, of Matteo Renzi, as a de facto member, Mario Draghi, Ignazio Visco, Mario Monti, Enrico Letta, as formal members of the Bildergerg and/or other related criminal organizations.

-The dependence – not on legitimate institutional reasons, but on illicit and covert motives dictated by the Bildergerg, etc. – of the appointment of the aforementioned to the Presidency of the Council and/or other charges.

More generally, I ask that the paths, logic, methods, facts, through which the members of the Bildergerg and/or trilateral and/or group of thirty are appointed to the highest offices, be verified.

I renew my request to be notified of any denial, or request for dismissal pursuant to article 408 Code of Criminal Procedure, on my own behalf and as Secretary of the PAS(Partito di Azione per lo Sviluppo)- FermiamoLeBan­che&LeTasse PAS (Action Party for Development)- StopTheBanks&TheTaxes, as these organizations violate everyone’s rights both uti singuli and uti cives, and I intend to take the side of plaintiff in the upcoming trial.

I enclose a copy of the PAS-FermiamoLeBanche & LeTasse memorandum/charter.


Alfonso Luigi Marra